Delta 8 Moon Rocks (Zkittlez)




These Delta 8 Moon Rocks pack a whopping 17 percent delta 8 THC, and will send you to the moon and back! For those new to the concept, moon rocks consist of CBD flower that has been dipped into D8 distillate (not sprayed) and rolled in CBG kief. They are used just like regular flower, which means you can smoke them, vape them, or even use them to make your favorite edibles recipe. Meanwhile, you’ll be giving your body the full spectrum experience that comes with taking the whole plant, along with elevated levels of delta-8 and CBG (cannabigerol) to really get your money’s worth.

Our Moon Rocks are derived from organically grown, locally sourced hemp, and have been fully lab-tested by a third-party to ensure exceptional quality and purity levels. Zkittlez is an indica strain bred from a mix of Grape Ape and Grapefruit that’s crossed with another undisclosed strain in order to get that candy-flavored sensation.

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3.5 Gram Jar, 7 Gram Jar


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