Delta 8 Rogue Ranchers 30 mg




Just like your favorite hard candy that rhymes with Smolly Fanchers, these hard candy squares are infused with high-quality, crystal clear, hemp-derived delta 8 THC distillate, and flavored with concentrates of cherry, blue raspberry, green apple, watermelon and grape. At 30mg of delta 8 per piece, these cuties are not just delicious, but powerful at ridding the body of pain and numbing anxiety. In fact, they can seriously come in handy at bedtime when you usually find yourself tossing and turning. Whenever you choose to pop a rancher into your mouth, you’ll be able to savor some serious relaxation in both the body and mind. Just make sure to clear your schedule, because these babies can deliver effects for up to 8 hours!

Our Delta 8 Rogue Ranchers always contain lab-tested delta 8 THC and carefully sourced ingredients to make sure that your body receives the very best. Take one at any time of day and gratify your sweet tooth while the delta-8 does its thing.

**Note-sublingual products can absorb directly into your blood stream and as such should be taken with caution and start well below the normal dosage until you gauge your body’s response to this and all other Delta 8 products**


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